Digital Water Purification

Digital RO + Vegetable Purifier

Digital RO Water Filtration Process


Pre Sediment Filter:

Removes Fine and Coarse Particulate impurities/dirt and improves the lives of all internal filters.


Pre Carbon Inline Filter:

Removes Chlorine and organic Impurities Like Harmful Pesticides. It also absorbs bad Taste, odor-causing organic Compounds from the water.


Pre Sediment Inline Filter:

Filters Water Further to Ensure Removal of Fine Particulate Impurities.


RO Membrane:

Removes dissolved Salts, Hardness, Pesticides, Fluoride and heavy metals like arsenic, lead, and Mercury. It also removes Microbial Contaminants Like bacteria, Virus, Protozoa, and Cysts.


Ultra Filtrations:

UF ensures that Water is Fully Purified Twice. UF is an important water purification technology used for the production of high purity water. UF is effective in the removal of colloids, proteins, bacteria, pyrogens (germs-negative bacterial endotoxins) and other organic molecules larger than 0.1-0.2 micron in size


Post-RO Carbon Filter:

The last level of purification acts as a polisher and enhances the taste of water


  • Gives pure water as well as pure fruits and vegetables.
  • Large 10.5 liters storage capacity so that you always have ample water in the store.
  • DIGI-FLUSHING: World’s first RO in which RO membrane and booster pump are always cleaned automatically by RO purified water, thus protecting them from chocking, scaling and enhancing its life by twice.
  • Built-in FM, USB, Micro SD, MP3 Player.
  • Digitally programmed to automatically turn ON and OFF when required.
  • Automatically shuts down the system and displays the cause in case of a problem.
  • IQA(intelligence Quotient Alert System) to tell in advance when the RO needs to be serviced.
  • LCD (Liquid crystal Display) to gives a readout for all the facets of the RO Operation and indicates water purification level.
  • WQI (water Quality Indicator) to display Quality of purified water
  • MPMS-Micro Processor Monitoring system.
  • Feather touch controls for shockproof and easy operations.
  • Low/High voltage indicator with musical notes.
  • Tank full Indicator.
  • Digital water level controller.
  • No consumable chemical is used and easy to maintain
  • Built-in vegetable Purifier